This Too Shall Pass (2012) by Tomorrow Machine

Independent packaging project for perishable goods:

Is it reasonable that it takes several years for a milk carton to decompose naturally, when the milk goes sour after a week? This Too Shall Pass is a series of food packaging were the packaging has the same short life-span as the foods they contain. The package and its content is working in symbiosis.

Smoothie package
Gel of the agar agar seaweed and water are the only components used to make this package. To open it you pick the top. The package will wither at the same speed as its content. It is made for drinks that have a short life span and needs to be refrigerated, fresh juice, smoothies and cream for example.

Rice Package
Package made of biodegradable beeswax. To open it you peel it like a fruit. The package is designed to contain dry goods, for example grains and rice.

Oil package
A package made of caramelized sugar, coated with wax. To open it you crack it like an egg. When the material is cracked the wax no longer protects the sugar and the package melts when it comes in contact with water. This package is made for oil-based food.

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Graphic Designer Stan Diers's personal logo. 

Graphic Designer Stan Diers's personal logo. 

Dirk van der Kooij's interview on the process of producing his projects using recycled refrigerators and etc.   



1950’s Hong Kong by Fan Ho

How to use the Kutani Seal Kit by Choemonshop

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“The only way life comes into this world is through the female body. That is as close to the Gods as you can get.”

my Africana Women’s Studies professor.

(One of the most empowering things I’ve ever been told. I’ll never forget it.)

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Josef Albers, Color sheets and layout of the Never Before series, 1976. Metropolitan Museum.

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This Cortina Tray and Coaster Set by Wolfum, one of the latest editions on Of a Kind, is immediately on my wishlist.


Photographed by Vadim Trunov [website]

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